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The Kashmiri-Scandinavian-Council (KSC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the Kashmiri cause, both within Scandinavia and internationally. In Scandinavia, the KSC is working with academicians, intelligentsia, policy-makers, NGOs, media, students and the conscientious Scandinavians to raise their level of awareness about Kashmiri people’s struggle for their right of self-determination as enshrined in successive United Nations resolutions. It is also dedicated to promote and encourage the association of Kashmiris in Norway and rest of the Scandinavia.

Our Objectives

  • To promote a better understanding of the Kashmir imbroglio before the Scandinavian people, media and humanitarian and social organisations.
  • To strive at all levels of the Scandinavian framework for building a favourable public opinion for implementation of the United Nations resolutions of 1948 and 1949, which gives the people of Jammu and Kashmir their right of self-determination.
  • To draw the attention of the Government of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finnland and the Parliamentarians to the plight of Kashmiris, and the need for Ottawa to show its pro-active leadership role on the issue, support a peaceful settlement of this conflict by bringing all concerned parties to the dispute to the negotiating table – namely, India, Pakistan and the accredited leadership of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • To urge the Scandinavian leaders, the Heads of Government and the Secretary General of the United Nations to act more quickly and effectively in halting massive violations of human rights in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) and to assist parties to find a peaceful and lasting solution of the worlds oldest dispute.
  • To publicize the tragedy of IOK and to uphold and defend the human rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

To achieve its objective the KSC will use all peaceful, moral and political means within the framework of Norwegian / Scandinavian legality.


Affiliate organisation –

The All Parties Hurriyet (Freedom) Conference

The All Parties Hurriyet (Freedom) Conference is a coalition of 27 Kashmiri political parties. It was established in January of 1993 to unite the disparate factions of the Kashmir self determination movement behind a common political platform and a political leadership.

The Conference seeks a constructive dialogue with the Government of India. It is further the mandate of the Conference to pursue the assistance of the United Nations and the Western democracies to help forge a peaceful and political settlement of the dispute.

The APHC holds that the only way to achieve a peaceful and lasting solution to the Kashmir crisis is through dialogue and negotiation. To this end, the Conference will seek to achieve the following objectives:

  • Acceptance by the Government of India of the United States and United Nations position that Kashmir is a ” disputed territory” whose final status is yet to be determined having regard to the aspirations of the people of the State of Jammu and Kashmir;
  • The sending of a personal envoy by the Secretary General of the United Nations to Kashmir to investigate and report on the situation;
  • The convening of a Tripartite Conference between the Governments of India, Pakistan and legitimate representatives of the Kashmiri people to negotiate a final settlement under the supervision and with the help of them UN and/or any friendly country;
  • Securing access to Kashmir for humanitarian relief organizations such as the International Red Cross and human rights organizations such as Amnesty International;
  • Cessation by the Government of India of its military crackdown, and withdrawal of its paramilitary troops to barracks.
  • The Government of India has refused all dialogue with moderate elements in the Kashmiri political community. It has chosen instead to enact a violent crackdown on all political dissent in Kashmir. In so doing, India has committed brutal acts of rape, torture and murder against thousands of innocent civilians.
  • The unfortunate result of India’s brutality and intransigence has been the rise of an armed resistance, which sees no hope of a peacefully negotiated settlement. Each day that India kills more innocent Kashmiris, it strengthens the armed resistance, and weakens those who still believe that a peaceful and negotiated settlement can be achieved.
  • The goal of this Conference is to rebuild the Kashmiri people’s belief in a peaceful resolution, by energetically pursuing such a settlement. Only a such settlement, reached through tripartite negotiations, can remove the dangerous nuclear trip wire between India and Pakistan and provide lasting peace to the region


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